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Beartooth Origins

It started back in 2005, inspired by the snow-covered mountains we grew up skiing and riding on, we set out to build a longboard that had the carving precision of a snowboard.  In the above photo, we are holding our first board in front of the Beartooth, the mountain that inspired it all.


We built that first board over five years ago. Since then we have continued to modify change and perfect our longboards. Experimentation with different construction techniques, materials, glues, and resins has resulted in a design that combines the precise amount of camber, concave, and flex to achieve the ride that we originally set out to find.  We hope you enjoy our boards.

In addition to providing the highest quality boards, we aim to promote and assist those interested in seeing their own skateboard designs become a reality.  Skateboarding has always been fueled by the creativity and innovations of individual skaters.  Websites like Silverfish Longboarding and Toothless Longboards have helped accelerate this progression by providing information that everyday skaters can use to construct their own boards.  In the coming months our blog will offer additional construction tips, tricks, and pointers that we have learned along the way.  We hope this information will be useful for the home-builders that are creating, innovating, and helping to shape the future of skateboarding.