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The Beartooth
















The Beartooth was engineered to have the carving precision of a snowboard.  A snowboard uses side-cut, flex, and sharp metal edges to create turning power and acceleration in a carve.  While the Beartooth does not have sharp metal edges, its responsive flex and camber help to achieve the same exhilarating acceleration through a turn.  The U-shaped board is concave to provide the heel-toe “locked-in-feel” of a snowboard, giving the rider added control.  The board comes with a moderate tail for enhanced city riding and maneuvering off curbs.  With this board, our goal was to bring the big-mountain feel of snowboarding to the pavement.  We believe the Beartooth does just that!

In designing the Beartooth, we experimented with 4 different press molds, and 5 different board shapes before settling on the final design.  Multiple design iterations enabled us to achieve the exact feel that we were looking for.  Our board manufacturing process is truly unique.  From the pressing of raw maple veneers, to board graphics and application of the clear board grip, all aspects of the manufacturing process are performed in-house.  This allows us ultimate control over the quality of the decks we produce.



Construction: 7 Ply North American hard rock maple; resin reinforced top laminate; two-tone stained graphics;  cold pressed for two hours (2x the industry standard) at 50 tons for extended durability.

Grip: clear board grip formula

Length: 43.5″

Width: 10.5″ (widest point)

Wheel Base: 33″

Tail Length: 7.5″



Trucks: Paris 180

Wheels: Abec 11 Flashbacks 70mm, 81a

Bearings: Biltin Bearings, Abec-7

Bushings: Divine, barrel(bottom)/barrel(top) 90a/86a.  Board also comes with set of 90a conical Divine bushings.  Alternate setup may be desirable for lighter riders.

Risers: 1/8″ Paris Risers